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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a global guideline for quality management systems (QMS) that define requirements. Organizations who implement ISO 9001 show their clients how they plan to deliver products and services that satisfy their needs. ISO 9001 is a good way to improve the efficiency of a quality management system. IQC The ISO Pros of Wisconsin in Milwaukee will help your company become ISO 9001 certified by providing training and certification.


Switching to a new management system or changing a current system to satisfy the criteria may be a complex process. The approach is ultimately favorable since it gives the company more power over mission execution. When all is in play, the QMS can run smoothly.

The overall morale of the workforce should be improved, regardless of specific responsibilities. Consumer loyalty is guaranteed by compliance with these standard requirements and the provision of precise and committed service. Through the necessary documents and paperwork, you will keep track of the processes and ensure that everybody is held responsible. It guarantees corporate stability by adopting a consistent record-keeping process.

ISO 20000

The ISO 20000 certification and related logo are linked to long-term business advantages. For procurement, ISO 20000 compliance is needed by many public-sector organizations. Working according to ISO 20000 standards and best practices in services management provides internal benefits to the company while the standard focuses on providing the most reliable service to customers. At IQC The ISO Pros of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI), we have a talented team of auditors who provide training and certification services to help your company become ISO 20000 accredited in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI).

Furthermore, deciding to apply for ISO 20000 certification provides the company with a common aim and lets you direct your efforts purposefully. The ISO 20000 certification program is also a great place to implement service management best practices while maintaining high employee morale.


A 5-level maturity process management model is used by the CMMI. The CMMI Institute developed it in the field of software and knowledge engineering. It’s a compilation of company best practices that can be viewed as documentation, and it allows self-assessment and process management to become simpler. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI), our team will assist you with CMMI certification. IQC The ISO Pros of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) will help you with the company audits and preparation.

What sets CMMI and ISO apart?

CMMI is a static management system commonly utilized for companies that run software-intensive applications. The ISO standard is used in a wide range of industrial companies. CMMI is more focused on project management and technical systems, whereas ISO is more detailed. Companies must choose from 22 methods that are suited to their requirements, and CMMI offers both standard and personalized procedures. In all companies, sectors, and disciplines, the ISO requirements are the same.

CMMI utilizes procedures that have been developed with company processes to ensure that these systems are not time-limited and are integrated into the corporate culture. Since ISO is based on conformance, it’s unclear if compliance has any commercial value.

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