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ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is a standard that all companies that hire people can adhere to. The well-being and health of employees would not be jeopardized if the ISO 45001 safety standards were strictly followed. If the company had a systematic approach to workplace health and safety, it would thrive. The model is suitable for both massive, multinational, and profitable companies as well as small businesses and startups that predominantly conduct real-time, low-risk operations due to its extreme simplicity.

Even though the ISO 45001 standard calls for tight surveillance and protection of OH&S risks, there might be a clear need for a risk-based approach when coping with OH&S. This is how the company should keep its policies and procedures up to date to meet changing and evolving consumer demands.

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It is more of a requirement than a necessity

Despite the reality that ISO 45001 is not a legal necessity, top management is actively motivated to instill a culture that adheres to the standard’s core values. We’ll begin with a gap analysis. IQC The ISO Pros of McFarland, Wisconsin (WI) will determine a company’s overall Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) performance, as well as what needs to be improved to ensure ISO 45001 compliance. To arrive at a useful certification standard, a separate analysis will be conducted utilizing the appropriate assessment techniques, and a step-by-step implementation process will be followed. Organizations that require this level of experience, such as our team has, tend to hire professionals to support them.

ISO 27001

By incorporating a risk management process, ISO/IEC 27001 allows you to understand the practical approaches included in the implementation of an information security management system that safeguards the integrity, reputation, and availability of information. As a result, putting in place an information protection management system that meets all ISO/IEC 27001 requirements aids the company in assessing and resolving the information security issues.

Organizations who are ISO/IEC 27001 certified may demonstrate that they provide the necessary expertise to support organizations in developing and applying customized information security strategies and procedures, as well as promoting the quality of the management system and operations.

You’ll still need to illustrate that you have the experience and process to deal with the incorporation of the information protection management system into the organization’s activities by ensuring that the intended results are accomplished.

We’re here to help you.

Being a company located in the United States, IQC The ISO Pros of McFarland, Wisconsin (WI) has been granted permission to audit and certify ISO 27001:2013 organizations. This means that we have the authority, expertise, and skills to assist companies and evaluate them against ISO 27001 requirements. We certify that our companies have met the ISO 27001 standards as a qualified compliance entity. Our accreditation bodies audit our company regularly and ensure that our services fulfill the exact criteria of the relevant accreditation standards. So don’t wait any longer to become certified. Send us an email, call us or complete our contact form and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.

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